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Commercial businesses throughout Ontario, Canada. Our full-service company is committed to providing the highest-quality epoxy coatings, vapor blasting, power washing, and cooling tower services in the epoxy coatings industry. Our epoxy coatings Toronto team of specialists are fully equipped to service a wide range of cooling tower styles and sizes throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Hamilton, and other regions of Ontario. Our full list of competitively priced cooling tower system services includes:

  • Epoxy coatings
  • Vapor blasting
  • Power washing
  • Cooling tower services

By choosing HCTS as your epoxy coatings provider, you can take advantage of personalized services for your one-of-a-kind needs, as well as cost and time savings. HCTS delivers only high-quality industrial, commercial and institutional epoxy coatings services. Our fully insured epoxy coatings Toronto experts have years of experience behind them to ensure the safe completion of your epoxy coatings project no matter how challenging the environment, and to improve the effectiveness and increase the longevity of your company’s floors, equipment, and much more. HCTS’s epoxy coatings Toronto professionals are dedicated to providing service and quality excellence for every epoxy coatings project they undertake. For more information about our epoxy coatings and flooring services, vapour blasting services, power washing services, or our cooling tower services, please contact us today!

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About Company

HCTS is a full-service Canadian company dedicated to delivering epoxy coatings and flooring, vapor blasting, power washing, equipment restoration and maintenance. More info...

Epoxy Coatings

We work with structural steel, tank linings, pipe work, mechanical equipment, floor coatings, and just about any other application in an industrial or commercial setting. More info...

Vapor Blasting

Vapor blasting is accomplished by a piece of equipment which mixes appropriate abrasive blast media with water, creating a slurry. More info...

Power Washing

Our epoxy coatings Toronto team can make your buildings and equipment look new again by power washing soiled areas to make them free and clear of dirt, grease and debris. More info...

Cooling Tower Services

HCTS offers high-quality epoxy coatings and flooring, vapour blasting, power washing, and cooling tower services throughout Ontario. More info...

We are your one-stop Shop

HCTS is a full-service company specializing in epoxy coatings and flooring, power washing, vapor blasting and cooling tower services for industrial, institutional, and commercial businesses. Our epoxy coatings Toronto team is the leading provider of epoxy coatings in Ontario. Our epoxy coatings Toronto experts are highly-skilled, and with years of experience they will ensure that you receive top-quality epoxy coatings at fair prices. If your Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Hamilton, or neighbouring city commercial, industrial or institutional facility require epoxy coatings, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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